A Lemon Meringue kind of day

‎This week I decided to use the other pie crust from my freezer for the only pie I truly love, lemon meringue pie. Plus I was also having a particularly good week. The baby is a month old and we are getting to know one another now. With this comes moments where you know you will get a segment of time to oneself.
I will have to post a link later to the recipe I used, but overall it was a good solid traditional one so the final product was just what I was hoping. Sweet but tangy filling, that was thick but not cloying. Topping was light, fluffy with just a hint of sugar. Perfect.
This week I had to juggle the baby and toddler to get this done, but that is life now. There are two and I’m slowly accepting that my one on one time with my daughter will be limited for a while. It is also uplifting to see what our little family can still accomplish together – that’s one pretty sweet looking pie if I do say so myself!
I was worried about choosing a recipe that required so many steps and layered assembly but in the end I was glad for the challenge. It reminded me that a new baby doesn’t make activities impossible just more challenging and often they can make it more fun.

Here’s the recipe I used:

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