Does this describe your ex?

Hostile co-parent.  Malicious ex.  Toxic communicator.  High conflict ex partner.
Is your ex controlling? Emotionally triggering? Insensibly difficult? Do they minimize, deny or shift the blame?  Does every reasonable request seem to end up with you begging them to agree?

What do we do? How can we help?!**

Don’t know how to reply to your ex without ending up in a fight? We help drafting effective responses that don’t engage in conflict. Advise you on your text and email communications by reviewing past conversations and helping with current issues

Do you end up in an emotional tailspin ever time you read a message from them and end up sending a reply that you regret? We guide you in effectively reading high-conflict communications without triggering an emotional outburst

Worried about having to communicate with this person for months or even years? We advise you on your responses so you gain confidence in communicating with this person without falling into emotional traps

Do you feel stuck in an old dynamic and patterns of behaviour that you feel powerless to change? Together we will set up personal guidelines and boundaries that you are able to follow and uphold

There may be nothing that will “fix” your relationship with this angry or toxic person, but disengaging your side of the conflict can help you create a safe space for yourself in the communication. We can help give you the tools to create safe emotional boundaries

**Disclaimer: We Do Not provide legal advice

Signs that you have a high-conflict or uncooperative ex partner:
– You end up in heated discussions, negotiations, and fights with your ex on a consistent basis
– They make personal attacks or say mean things to you (verbally or in text/email) or say things about you to your children/people in common
– Receiving a message notification makes you feel sick with worry about what it is going to say
– Talking about them or to them makes you feel anxious and stressed
– When you set boundaries they ignore them
– You don’t feel you can ask them simple requests because it will cause a fight
– You don’t feel like you’re ever on the same side no matter what the topic
– You are on call any time they ask for something because you think you can make them less angry with you by being “helpful or a good person”
– You would use these kinds of words to describe the way they speak to you: hostile, uncooperative, angry, controlling, hurtful, mean, toxic.

Why use a service like ours instead of one of the apps on the market?

There are many apps out there intended to ease tension and relieve conflict between separated parents: Our Family Wizard, Coparently, 2Houses, FamiliPay.  But your ex has to be willing to use one, and there is where many people experiencing high conflict communications get stuck.  A high conflict ex is an uncooperative one.

We provide you with tools to limit the cycle of toxic communications as well as offer support while you are experiencing moments of high conflict.

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