Easter: a pie pause for sugar cookies

This weeks baking exploit was all about my little Monkey. After two weeks of being my assistant in making desserts she doesn’t even like, I thought that for Easter we should make something she’d enjoy. So I decided we would bake intensely coloured sugar cookies.
I personally hate these cookies. They are the dull cousin of the cookie family. Boring, not terribly delicious, time consuming to make. But a real hit with kids they like the simple sweet flavour, they love the colours you can dye them, they enjoy rolling out and cutting the cookie shapes like you would with play dough, they love decorating them after.
Everything I dislike about these cookies Monkey enjoys and that made them worth the trouble. We baked a few dozen and took them to daycare and friends’ egg hunts to share. They were a grand success and she was very proud that she had made them with me.
Parenting is about sacrifice, even when it comes to the cookies you bake but it is worth it. For a long time I didn’t want kids because I wasn’t sure I could give up the time, effort, love, sleep, etc., that having them takes. Now I don’t miss those gaps and I even wonder what filled those holes that my children now occupy.

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