I’d like to take a moment to post something non-baby related. Having a newborn is all encompassing, but I think it’s good to take a break from baby talk. I spend all day caring for her, and many conversations discussing her. It’s awesome but overwhelming.
So this post is about being “sham-less”. Ok, so this movement is better know as being no-poo, but I find that term gross. I’m sticking to sham-less… more so because I’m a shameless proponent of natural or healthier alternatives to chemical consumer products. Sad joke, I know, but I’m a corny mum now!
Why did I decide to eliminate shampoo and conditioner from my life? What’s so bad about having clean hair, you might ask? Well, for one, you absorb all those chemicals in products through the constant contact with your skin. Two, neither of these products are necessary for cleanliness. Three, I already infrequently washed my hair so the change in regime was going to be easier for me than someon who is a daily user. My skin and hair, for all their oiliness, get too dry with a daily shower. And four, it is almost impossible to find beauty products that are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS!!! So frustrating… don’t get me started on my search for a face cream.
I looked to organic/healthy alternatives to main stream shampoos but I found they either lacked cleaning ability or price was prohibitive. Then I had a friend try going sham-less, something I’d always had in the back of my mind to give a try. Well, since I was already a lank haired pregnant woman, I figured why not try it now. My hair could not possibly end up looking worse!
That was over two months ago, and I have not been tempted to go back to my old routine. Twice a week I massage a mixture of baking soda and water into my scalp (500ml water with 2-3 tbsp baking soda), rinse, then spray diluted apple cider vinegar onto the ends (1:8 ratio of vinegar to water). Any other day that I feel I need to wash my hair I just use water; however, now that my hair’s natural PH balance has been restored, it rarely ever feels dirty or oily. Simple, cheap, unscented, non-allegenic, environmentally friendly, humaine, healthy and effective. Can the same be said of most chemically laden shampoos? Definitely not.
We as a society have been taught by these companies that we must shower and wash our hair daily. That to do any less is unclean and base, but that’s an absolute fallacy. Our skin has it’s own balance, and all these soaps and lotions throw that equilibrium out of whack. Not to mention that it is okay to smell human and not like a perfume counter. And, no, I don’t mean having to smell like sweaty BO.
Let’s all embrace being a little more natural. Taking a step back from blindly consuming products based on what these greedy corporations keep telling us about what we need or should do.

Note: Another use for baking soda is as a mild facial exfoliant. Clean your face then use baking soda and water to exfoliate.

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