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As a self described (& described by others) hippe, and someone who generally has a lot of strong vocal opinions, people can be surprised that I’m not very politically engaged or much of a protester.  I care deeply about many causes, with animal and human rights being at the core of most of them; however, I also don’t believe in jamming my beliefs down other people’s throats, which a lot of protest leading organizations seem to do… Or at least the very loud, often, small militant factions that show up at demonstrations do.

Don’t get me wrong, I will set anyone straight on why eating factory farm, commercially slaughtered, meat is basically ingesting the pain and death of another being.  And if you think that death camps don’t still exist, just see my post on North Korea.  I try not to turn a blind eye to injustice in the world and I expect those who are my friends to at least respect that and be humane in their own way.

But now we have a true crisis on our hands in North America. The neighbours with which we share a Huge border, and whose political and economic choices very directly effect us have elected in a white, privileged, unintelligent man who has no respect for women, religion, races other than white, and people in general. He really only cares about himself and his own interests, and POWER.  And now he has so very much POWER it should terrify us all.

It really is time to protest. To go out in masses, and hold signs, and shout, and yell, and fight back, and fight for One Another.  For more than anyone else I join my fellow citizens in fighting back to show my children that this is not democracy. Even if the democratic system says this is how democracy works we do not, SHOULD NOT, allow this to continue. Democracy can be just as broken and misused as Communism, as a Dictatorship, as any form of ruling a people.

This man, and all the people who he has chosen to surround himself with, is dangerous. He is a danger to his own people, and a threat to all of us around the globe.  Join me in protest, Join women in protest, Join Muslims in protest, these are all of our causes.  There is a growing epidemic around the world of blaming The Other for a nation’s problems- we see this in the Brexit vote, in the growing anger toward refugees across Europe, in the random attacks on crowds of gays/church goers/blacks/Muslims/anybody, and now in Canada with the rhetoric coming out of rising politicians trying to ride the Trump victory wave.  We must be relentless in our fight against this oppression.

Fight. Back.

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