Spouting the positive

cupcakes are always positive!
cupcakes are always positive!

“Move back!  People can’t get on the bus unless you move back!”
“Get off the step!  The doors won’t close unless you GET OFF!”
“The driver made me pay an extra fare because I didn’t have my ID~ what a jerk!”

And the comments continue throughout my morning commute.  An endless parade of negativity.  And I feel just as these other passengers do at times.  I get frustrated when we are all being held up because someone won’t get off the bus stair so the door cannot shut.  I grumble when people won’t move out of my way.  But I also often find myself thinking~ what a lovely hat that lady has on, how kind of that man to let that person sit down, etc.  Yet those are the thoughts we all try harder to suppress.  We let the negative seep out so easily, but we keep a tight reign on our positive thoughts.

Why it would just be weird if I spoke my positive thoughts out loud!  I’d seem insane wandering around complimenting people on every little thing I thought was pretty or kind or generous.  But what kind of impact would that have on our world?  What would our environment be like if everyone was letting even a little bit of those positive thoughts seep out?  Maybe trading one negative comment each day for just one more compliment instead?

Quite frankly, I think it would have a deep impact on our whole culture.  I know the little boost that I feel when I get good feedback from someone, and even the jolt of happy I feel even overhearing someone pass on a kind word.  I also know the slight stab of sadness I feel when I overhear yelling, unkind remarks, and someone being berated.  Being yelled at ruins your day entirely, whether it is justified or not.

What is wrong with our society that it is so much more acceptable to grumble and gripe about everything that irks (oh, and I do love a good bitch session, so I am not immune either!) us rather than spreading joy and happiness?

So today I liked a lady’s hat.  And I told her so.   And she said thank you.  And a small smile appeared on her face and mine.  And the smiles stayed for a while because we both felt good about ourselves.  Then I looked out the bus window at the minus 40 degree day and thought about all the wonderful things in my life.  There are a lot.

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