I wish I’d known…

Maternity & nursing wear:
There are a few things I wish I’d known about buying pre and post pregnant clothing. Some I figured out in time, but others I only realized later on.
Firstly, buy maternity wear second-hand. For the majority, women are only wearing these items for 6 months. This means you could spend a fortune buying new items or get a great deal on second-hand that’s barely been used.
Next is, buy early! Most of us don’t want to jinx ourselves by buying anything related to the baby before the 12th week. And we also seem to try to “hold out” as long as possible on getting maternity items- stuffing ourselves into jeans with elastic bands holding the button closed (or was that just me?). The first part, I get. And before the three month mark you’re bloated but can manage with your own clothing. But after that, I say get yourself into the maternity clothes ASAP! Why not be comfortable AND get as much use out of them as possible? It seems like a waste of money to use something for barely half a year, so why suffer and get even less use out of these items?

Before i had the baby, I wish I’d known to buy more crossover clothing. Maternity wear is necessary, and I’d recommend buying it early to both get maximum use out of it, and also to be comfortable. However, nursing wear generally is also suitable for pregnancy as your body post baby is still shaped like a 6 month pregnant woman and the makers accommodate for this shape. Right after I had my baby, I realized that only 2 of my prenatal tops where for nursing, and one dress. This meant that I had a very limited wardrobe till I was able to get out shopping, and also that my maternity clothes were already done being useful… ugh!
So my advice is buy early, buy used, and buy mainly nursing items. Oh, and buy things you like~ nothing worse than being stuck in the same clothes for over a year and hating them 😉

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