TTC passengers ignore medical emergency

I was having a medical emergency on the TTC this morning, and you know what made me feel worse than being sick?  The fact that two people refused to assist me before someone came up to ask me if I needed help.  Seriously.
I’m 7 months pregnant and was blacking out, and people had the audacity to refuse to assist me.   All I was asking was for someone to tell the driver that I needed help.  The first person was a young lady who told me “this is my stop.  I’m getting off.”  The second was a 30 ish man sitting in front of me who basically feigned that he didn’t know what I wanted.  Thankfully another man who was getting off noticed I needed help and came to my assistance.  Without his intervention, I seriously am unsure what I would have done. I didn’t have the strength to get up and propel myself to the front of the car to talk to the driver and I was not sure I was going to stay conscious long enough to even be able to seek another person to ask.
I had been feeling progressively more ill during my trip, but had been hoping to get to my office where I could lie down, get food & drink and relax.  When I saw that was not going to happen I even considered getting off the TTC so as not to cause a delay, but I felt to close to unconsciousness to do that.  And given the lack of conscience that was displayed by those two disgusting riders I’m glad I didn’t end up passed out on the sidewalk~ who knows if I’d have gotten any help.
I was starting to feel guilty that I’d held everyone up on the transit line; however, that was quickly replaced by anger at the shameful treatment of those riders.  I am sickened by the total lack of human decency.
What did I learn from this?  Well I learned that only 1/3 of humans are actually human.  I am a clean, well spoken, well dressed, visibly pregnant woman and there was no reason to disregard my pleas for help.  The two of you know who you are and I hope that you both feel the shame of being inhuman and selfish.
As to the man who stopped to intervene, the woman who offered to come to the hospital with me, the nurse who stayed to monitor me,  and the lovely TTC driver who was eminently empathetic~ Thank You all so Very Much.
To the other 2/3 of people who would apparently just step over my limp body to  stay on their schedule~ hope you don’t ever need my help or medical help in general because you are the reason this world is so cruel.  You contribute to all that is negative and inhuman in our society and karma will kick you right in the ass one day.

PS. Myself and my baby are fine and I was discharged within a few hours.

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